Young MCA

Providing a network for young management consultants

Young MCA

Young MCA Mission
The mission of the Young MCA group is to contribute to the enhancement and development of the UK management consultancy industry and to maintain the industry’s high standards. To do this the Young MCA team deliver a diverse and engaging programme of events and networking opportunities for the Young MCA membership to complement the wider MCA programme.

Who's it for?
The Young MCA network, established in 2005, provides opportunities for networking and the sharing of experiences for consultants with 0 - 5 years consulting experience.

What will I get out of being a member of the Young MCA?
The Young MCA deliver this via a series of themed events throughout the year. These events typically combine a business focused session, which delivers personal development content, followed by the opportunity to network with, and learn from, your peers within other MCA member firms.

Young MCA LinkedIn group
For all the latest events, discussions and to keep in touch with the Young MCA Committee, please join our LinkedIn group here.

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