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About Equiteq

Equiteq is the global leader in providing strategic advisory and Mergers & Acquisition services to consulting and IT Services firms. We focus 100% on helping owners fulfil their exit goals. We do this by ahcieveing successful sales that deliver maximum value for firm owners and by proving strategic advice on what will best yield value growth and shareholder returns against their objectives.

With offices in New York, London, Paris, Singapore and Sydney, we offer our clients true global reach.

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Equiteq Edge is a free source of information, advice and insight to help owners prepare for sale and sell their consulting firms. Equiteq Edge gives access to the findings of unique research conducted amongst buyers of consulting firms from around the world, insight from those who have sold their firms and expert advice.

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Insights available from Equiteq Edge

As an Equiteq Edge member, you will have free access to all our publications and insights. You can download a teaser of some of our publications now or access the full publication once you have registered for Equiteq Edge. Enjoy!

2018/19 Buyers Research Report

The Knowledge Economy Global Buyers Report analyzes the findings of our fifth comprehensive independent survey of global strategic buyers and private equity investors acquiring businesses across the knowledge economy. The report provides exclusive insights into current M&A trends among buyers that acquire knowledge-intensive services businesses across five segments: management consulting, IT services, media agencies, engineering consulting and human resources.

Get the full version from Equiteq Edge here.

2018 Knowledge Economy Global M&A Report

The Knowledge Economy M&A Report 2018 is the only publicly available information on the Global M&A market. It covers knowledge-led firms across all major industry segments including: management consulting, engineering consulting, HR consulting, IT services and media agencies.

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2017/18 Buyers Research Report

We reveal the findings from our fourth annual survey amongst global buyers of knowledge-intensive services businesses. This year we organized our survey to identify specific behaviours in each of the eight levers of our core assessment of firm quality, our Equity Growth Wheel. This will provide you with unique insight into how potential acquirers view specific elements of your business as you think about your future growth trajectory.

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2017 Global Consulting M&A report

Our tenth Global Consulting M&A market trends report is packed with vital information for owners of knowledge-led firms who are considering selling their businesses. As well as deal sizes and structures, valuation multiples and regional insight, this year’s report includes equity market performance and buyer trends.

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2016/17 Buyers Research Report

For the third successive year, we reveal the findings of our annual survey of global buyers of knowledge-intensive services businesses. Our independent research of 150 buyers covers each of our five consulting segments of Management consulting, IT consulting, Media and Marketing, Engineering consulting and HR consulting. It’s also the first time we’ve analysed the perspective of both strategic buyers and private equity firms.

Get the full version from Equiteq Edge here.


100 Growth Tips

If you would like faster revenue and profit growth AND grow equity value at the same time, then this will be a handy guide for new ideas, or a reminder of what you know you should be doing!


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