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Malt Strategy

Malt is Europe’s leading marketplace that connects businesses with top management consultants, interim managers and highly-skilled freelancers, to find the perfect match for every project. Malt combines personal service and innovative technology to quickly and flexibly find the best experts for all business challenges.

Malt acquired COMATCH in 2022 and now its network encompasses management consultants, tech and marketing experts, and more, meaning together we are one of the few marketplaces that can offer business capabilities at scale across Europe. Malt works with over 70,000 companies of all sizes and industries – from start-ups to consultancies and large corporations, including Ernst & Young, Unilever and L’Oreal. Home to over 600,000 freelancers, we are shaping the future of work in which everyone has the power to choose how they work and who they work with.

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Malt Strategy