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——The official charity partner for the 2016 MCA Awards

Mental illness affects more people every year in the UK than cancer or heart disease. When people encounter mental illness themselves or amongst family or colleagues, there are so many questions. It can be a lonely experience too, making life even harder. Mental ill health is also the single biggest cause of lost days at work in the UK, and a significant factor in the majority of suicides. In the majority of cases, the impact of a mental health condition can be reduced if you benefit from early intervention and support. But it’s still the case that you’re more likely to receive the kind of urgent support you need if you have broken your leg than if you experience a crisis because of a mental health problem.

Rethink Mental Illness is here for anyone affected by mental illness – people who are experiencing depression or anxiety for the first time, as well as people who need long-term support to cope with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. We provide information and advice through a national helpline and free factsheets, which were downloaded 1.95m time last year. We run 200 services and 130 support groups around the country for people affected by mental illness, responding to local needs.

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