Technology Transformation

MCA Awards Finalist 2024The Care Quality Commission has a big responsibility: it’s their job to make sure your health and social care providers are giving you safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care. And they wanted to radically rethink how they performed their regulatory responsibilities. Their legacy systems and paper-based ways of working had become inefficient. They needed to become much more proactive and data-driven in order to meet the needs of the UK’s population going forward.

“Our legacy IT systems weren’t able to support our new ambitions. We knew we needed a complete transformation in our technology to help us create a great digital experience for both the wider public and providers. We spoke to a number of vendors and because of their expertise and proven success in the healthcare sector, we decided to go with KPMG in the UK and Microsoft.”
– Mark Sutton, Chief Digital Officer, Care Quality Commission

With KPMG as their technology partner and overall transformation partner, we had the holistic view we needed to help the regulator move quickly, with agility and with confidence on their technology transformation. We helped them shape their service models, think about new ways of working and different structural options for the organisation. Then we used that insight to help them create a technology environment that would deliver on their stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

Leveraging our deep technology implementation experience and our unique tools – including KPMG’s Connected Enterprise and Powered Enterprise frameworks – we helped CQC design and build all of the technology pieces that underpin their new regulatory framework and their new ways of working.

While technology was critical to this transformation, we also needed to ensure that the stakeholders were brought along on the journey. So we put people at the heart of the transformational efforts. We involved CQC’s various stakeholders in all aspects of the design, build and test. We also identified user-advocates and change champions to socialise the benefits. This reduced project spend, managed services spend, and sped-up time to value.

At the same time, we needed to show them how to transform. As this was CQC’s first experience delivering a large-scale transformation using agile methodologies, the methods and ways of working were new and had to be learned on-the-job. That meant getting leadership comfortable with the approach, which was to build foundational products, release, and then iterate, meaning some features and capabilities wouldn’t be present from the get-go. Yet it was widely acknowledged that this approach would allow the joint teams to deliver benefits early and to continue to deliver a wider holistic transformation aligned with the CQC goals.

Ultimately, we helped CQC modernise their entire technology landscape from the planning and preparation stage all the way through to inspections and the publishing of a new ratings product. And that means the CQC now has the insights they need to understand which sites and providers need their support the most, and the tools to deliver fit-for-future, effective regulation.

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