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Best Use of Thought Leadership

Demonstration of the impact of an initiative or approach to thought leadership by a consulting firm. The impact could be in developing the capabilities and skills of the firm, launching a new service, supporting excellent client service and projects, stimulating wider debate in management and public policy or in building brand and marketing strength. Judges will be assessing the quality and originality of the thought leadership, alongside evidence of its impact within and beyond the consulting firm.

Meet the Finalists

Arcadis with Investing in Britain

Investing in Britain is a thought leadership campaign which aims to position Arcadis for future opportunities associated with the re-investment in the UK’s crumbling infrastructure. The campaign is an outstanding example of applied thought leadership delivered to market through an integrated multi- channel campaign.

Carnall Farrar with IPPR

Lord Darzi, alongside the think-tank IPPR, asked CF to lead the thinking on the direction of national health policy by conducting a landmark review, ‘Better Health and Care for All’. We examined the developments over the past decade in quality and access within the NHS. We made practical and evidence-based recommendations for improvement, including the future funding needs of the NHS. Our analysis called for an additional £22.2bn (3.5% growth p.a.) to be added to the yearly budget; the report was instrumental in achieving an additional £20bn (3.4%) per year for the NHS.

iMPOWER Consulting with Hertfordshire County Council

Over the last 18 months, iMPOWER has led a national debate on the way in which some of England’s most vulnerable children – those in care – are supported. It has highlighted flaws in the current system, where spend on care is not linked to children’s or the outcomes that are being aimed for. But the company’s approach to thought leadership goes far beyond rhetoric – drawing on years of experience working with local authorities, it has devised an alternative model and put it into practice with its clients. As a result, iMPOWER is transforming the life chances of thousands of children and has created a nationwide movement.

Man Bites Dog with Korn Ferry

The Global Talent Crunch campaign enabled Korn Ferry to put talent on the Boardroom agenda by translating the soft issue of people into hard business and economic impact. Man Bites Dog challenged the dangerous misconception that technology will make people less important in the future of work, developing world-first data to prove that AI will increase demand for skilled talent – threatening $8.5 trillion in lost GDP. Korn Ferry’s most successful global media and marketing campaign to date positioned consultants as thought leaders in global media and enabled profitable conversations with business leaders and political influencers at the highest level.

PA Consulting with WePROTECT Global Alliance

PA worked with the WePROTECT Global Alliance to research and compile the Global Threat Assessment, designed to raise international awareness of sexual exploitation of children online.

This was the first report of its kind – a global, comprehensive view of technological change, victim vulnerability, offender behaviour and the intersection point at which child sexual exploitation and abuse is most prevalent.

The report was launched in February 2018 at the Global Summit to End Violence Against Children. It has been instrumental in shaping Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s policy commitments to compel the ‘tech giants’ to do more to tackle this insidious cybercrime.

Parker Fitzgerald with UK Finance

The speed and scale of digital transformation within the financial services industry is contributing to the emergence of new non-financial risks. Sustainable Financial Services in the Digital Age, a joint report from UK Finance and Parker Fitzgerald, was published only days ahead of the introduction of General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and highlighted the need for firms to consider their exposure to risk and operational resilience in today’s digital age.

The report calls on the industry to collaborate with technology suppliers as well as domestic and cross-border regulators to create a risk framework that embraces the benefits of digital transformation.

PwC with Powering Ahead – Energy UK

The UK government wants to be a leader in low-carbon mobility and accelerate the adoption rates of electric vehicles (EVs). Moreover, concerns around air quality is a major issue across many large cities in the UK.

PwC Strategy& identified electric vehicle charging ‘infrastructure’ and experience anxiety’ as critical catalysts to stimulate electric vehicle adoption in the UK. This is a complex and highly competitive and innovative market in its infancy.

PwC worked with Energy UK, to analyse the evolving business models required to succeed in charging, as well as develop a perspective on the outlook of different charging segments.