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Health Economy Roundtable

22 June 2017 | 12:00 PM
MCA Boardroom, MCA Offices, 36-38 Cornhill, EC3V 3NG

MCA consultants do great work in health, especially in the NHS. They design patient pathways, integrate care, and are at the forefront of service digitisation. Despite the value they create, health consulting is controversial, frequently attracting ill-informed press coverage.

Our member firms are also involved in private health care and life sciences. In the Annual Report 2016, we reported a significant increase in activity in this small but important consulting market.

Throughout the challenging fiscal context since the Financial Crisis, NHS funding has been ‘protected’. Whether this is sustainable in the long-term without public expenditure becoming absurdly lopsided remains to be seen. In any case, NHS spending increases are predicated on realising substantial efficiency gains. For a service whose history is one of relentless rises in real-terms spend, and which faces the combined pressures of an ageing population, rising life-expectancy, life-style issues (obesity in particular), increasingly demanding patients, and technological change, this will mean challenging times ahead.

One way these challenges might be better understood and managed is to examine the whole health economy. This isn’t just about public and private healthcare, but about prevention, lifestyle choices, education, poverty, regulation and the operation of the wider public sector.

Our roundtable, the first in a series of initiatives, will start to examine the dynamics of the health economy and how consulting can make beneficial contributions to them. The session will be of interest to senior advisers working in the NHS, private health and life sciences. 


1200 - 1230 - Sandwich lunch

1230 - 1350 - Discussion

1350 - 1400 - Conclusion, way forward, and close 


This event is aimed senior consultants operating in the healthcare space. If yourself or colleague would be interested in attending, please register below. Alternatively, contact


This event is for MCA members only. 

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