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MCA Year of Disruption


—Welcome to the MCA’s new Year of Disruption initiative


The Year of Disruption follows on from our very successful Years of Digital (shortlisted for an Association Excellence Award), Growth and Diversity. It will be wide-ranging. Indeed as its name implies, it will also be a little different from the previous Years of –.                                                

Disruption encapsulates an array of factors, all of them introducing uncertainty, ambiguity and instability into the economic context confronting member firms and clients. Disruption is also itself an ambiguous and shifting term. Disruption can, like creative destruction, be positive. Or it can consist of a whole host of troublesome ‘known unknowns’, which can negatively impact business confidence. Across the Year of Disruption, we aim to run a series campaigns examining these troublesome 'known unknowns'.

Our first campaign however, will attempt to marshal consulting insights to help address one of the UK’s most major economic challenges. Productivity.

For more information please contact George Tresnan.