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MCA Year of Disruption


—The first MCA Year of Disruption campaign

The UK’s productivity performance is poor. Since 2008, we have lagged behind our major competitors. Expectations that our early adoption of digital and its potential benefits, such as automation, would improve productive output have proved misplaced. At an MCA roundtable last year, participants suggested that inadequate retraining of workforces in digital’s potential and the failure to deploy digital investments alongside fundamentally new modes of working, business organisation and design were responsible for the poor productivity return.

We want to explore this and other productivity hypotheses throughout this first campaign. What do British businesses need to do to improve their productivity and how can consulting help them?

We will do this by:

  • Celebrating MCA productivity insights. Member firms will be encouraged to share their observations on productivity in a series of articles and interviews. We are publishing the first of these today. We will also showcase examples of practical interventions and support our member firms have provided to UK enterprises to improve their productivity, including MCA Award-winning projects. If member firms have any insight ‘on the stocks’, project case studies they would like to promote, ideas for articles, or if they would like to be interviewed on the topic for our ‘In the Hot Seat’ series, please contact George Tresnan.
  • Exploring and developing new ideas. We will hold roundtables with our members, as well as sessions with our networks, to extract their best insights on how businesses can improve their productivity and achieve competitive advantage. The first roundtable of these will be on 6 March while our Digital Network will examine disruption and productivity (as well as diversity) on 8 March.
  • Launching a new report. We aim to garner the insights from our member firms to launch a new report on productivity. At our launch event in May, we will unveil our members’ insights and host a senior panel discussion. The target audience for this will be senior business leaders from client organisations. At the launch, those MCA members who have provided compelling productivity insights will be given the opportunity to share them with the business leaders in productivity ‘clinics’.

Why should consultants’ insights on productivity matter? Our member firms help organise businesses for efficiency and growth. They work across all sectors of the economy from the shop floor to the board room. They advise on human resourcing, business structures, and, critically, the effective deployment of digital. No industry is better placed to see what UK enterprises should do to improve their productivity. We will garner, distil and celebrate their insights over the course of this campaign, sharing them with clients and with policymakers.

[For more information on the productivity campaign, or to get involved, contact either George Tresnan or Paul Connolly.]