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Planning, designing, mobilising and delivering organisational change: that’s what Challenge Consulting does. And it’s our goal to be the leading specialist firm delivering transformational change. We help organisations articulate why and how they need to change. In part it’s about careful design of a ‘new’ business but it’s also about the practicalities of major change and winning the hearts and minds of all those involved.

We don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ solutions and we believe passionately that one size definitely does not fit all. This list is merely indicative because every challenge will be slightly different, but the general areas of change that you may be facing that we could help you with include:

Transforming Performance – it may be that you know in your heart of hears that the business simply isn’t running as well as it should be, you just need to understand why and then fix it. Or, you need to deliver efficiencies even though it’s hard to spot the slack. Whether you are facing these challenges or transforming the business for growth, we are specialists in delivering the change

Understanding your customers – do you know where you make or lose your money? And why? We’ll help you identify what it’ll take to profitably delivery customer value and ensure your organisation is optimised to make thing happen.

Post-acquisition integration – from helping you design the end-state of the joined enterprise, to mapping the path through all the risks of acquisition, we’ll keep all your people on board during the transition and help you deliver real value from the integrated business

Dealing with the increasing burden of market and regulatory change – we will ensure that your business responds to these changes as a by-product of good governance and internal procedures rather than being driven and distorted by external demands

Designing and managing successful change programmes – we will help you design, mobilise and manage your change programme; we have done this successfully in the largest and most complex organisations. Equally, if your programme has already started but lost its way, we will help you recover it

Implementing your business strategy – you know strategically where you want to go but keep hitting stumbling blocks on the journey to get there. We’ll guide you through the implementation and management of organisational change, translating strategy into successful action

Key Personnel

  • Chris Cooper – Managing Director
  • Paul Cook – Consulting Director
  • Martin Heath – Consulting Director
  • Emma Burt – Operations Director

Consultancy Service

  • As-is Analysis
  • Customer Strategy
  • Target Business Model design
  • Process design
  • Post Acquisition Integration
  • Programme design,delivery and recovery

Industry Sectors

  • Financial Services, including Asset Finance and Leasing
  • Banking
  • Insurance


  • Change Management in the Private Sector Project of the Year 2013

Contact Information


The Old Stables
Hyde Farm, Hyde Lane
Hemel Hempstead

Telephone Number

+44 (0)1923 270001

Fax Number

+44 (0)1923 270008