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At KBR, we partner with government and industry clients to provide purposeful and comprehensive solutions with an emphasis on efficiency and safety. With a full portfolio of services, proprietary technologies and expertise, our employees are ready to handle projects and missions from planning and design to sustainability and maintenance. Whether at the bottom of the ocean or in outer space, our clients trust us to deliver the impossible on a daily basis. 

Key Personnel

KBR Executive Leadership Team

Stuart J. B. Bradie – President & Chief Executive Officer

Mark Sopp – Chief Financial Officer

Eileen G. Akerson – General Counsel

Jenni Myles – Chief People Officer

Andrew Barrie – President, Government Solutions – EMEA

Byron Bright – President, Government Solutions

Greg S. Conlon – Chief Digital & Development Officer

Pete Green -Senior Vice President, Government Solutions U.S. – Defense & Intel Solutions

Jay Ibrahim – President, Sustainable Technology Solutions

Doug Kelly – President, Technology

Todd May – Senior Vice President, Government Solutions U.S. – Space and Mission Solutions

Ella Studer – Senior Vice President, Government Solutions U.S. – Readiness & Sustainment Solutions

UK Office Locations


Worldwide Coverage

  • North America
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Asia & Australia

Full breakdown of locations provided below.

Consultancy Service

Provide trusted agnostic advisory services in target markets, enabling insight and positioning at the informative stage of complex/transformational programmes that seek to deliver digital, innovative and emergent technologies.

Industry Sectors

  • Government
  • Defence
  • Space
  • Sustainability
  • Advisory

MCA Firm Representatives

Martin Bill
MCA Council Representative

Martin Bill is Head of Advisory Government Solutions EMEA at KBR and sits on the MCA Council.

Contact Information


Hill Park Court
Springfield Drive
KT22 7NL

Telephone Number

01372 865000