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—MCA – an economic and business commentator

The MCA is an active economic and business commentator, featuring regularly in the national media including The Financial Times, The Times, and The Guardian.  We also write a regular column for both Outsource Magazine and Square Mile Magazine, and can arrange expert opinion on almost all areas of business.

Through our membership network, we have access to almost 30,000 consultants, and we also work very closely with senior management consultants who regularly advise FTSE100 companies and large government departments. 

Areas of business we can comment on

In no particular order, the MCA and its member firms can comment on the following areas of business:

  • Strategy (e.g. corporate re-structuring, corporate recovery and turnaround management)
  • Transforming Business (e.g. programme/project management, change management)
  • Managing People (e.g. benefits and compensation, performance management, training and development, leadership)
  • Improving operational performance (e.g. supply chain management, procurement, R&D, risk management, Lean and Six Sigma)
  • Financing (e.g. M&A deal structuring, due diligence, transaction support)
  • IT Consulting (e.g. IT planning, hardware/software selection, IT project management, ERP, IT training, Big Data)
  • IT System Development (e.g. web services, analysis, programming, installation, Cloud Computing)
  • Outsourcing (e.g. IT or business processes, call centre management)
  • Marketing and Sales (e.g. branding, CRM, sales force effectiveness, new product development, channel management)


Our members work across and can comment on the following sectors:

Aerospace & Defence, Automobile & Parts, Business Services, Central Government, Construction & Building Materials, Electronics & Engineering, Financial Services (Insurance, Banking, Life Assurance), Human Resources, Healthcare, IT, Local Government, Leisure, Media, Marketing, National Health Service, Non-profit making bodies, Private Retailing, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunication Services and Utilities (Electricity, Gas and Water).


For all press enquiries contact:

George Tresnan - 020 7645 7953 /