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Value of Consulting Report

—Demonstrating the tangible benefits of using management consultancy

Over the last 12 months, the MCA has undertaken a groundbreaking and original research project which sought to get solid quantitative evidence of the value which consulting brings to its clients.

The Value of Consulting report, based on pioneering research of around 1,800 users of consulting services, found that the majority of projects in both the public and private sectors, generate financial returns of between two and 20 times their cost.

The report provides a simple yet meaningful and authoritative way to quantify the value consultants add, to both their clients and the wider economy.

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Key findings from the MCA report indicate that in 2008:

  • The UK consulting industry spent more than £180million on innovation, £85million on training and £80million on pro bono work for charities.
  • 58% of clients say they are very satisfied with the work their consultants do; 41% are satisfied.
  • For these very satisfied clients, the average value added was between two and 20 times their cost, or on average, around 10 times the fees paid . This suggests that the benefits of using consultants are worth around £56billion to UK clients, a return of £6 for every £1 invested.

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Value of Consulting Report
—01 Mar 2010

Demonstrating the tangible benefits of using management consultancy
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