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—Digital is the hot topic for the economy – and for management consulting.

Management consultants are a vital part of the Digital value chain.

In 2013, 25% of all consulting was Digital in character. In 2014 that rose to 27%. We expect it to continue to rise.

MCA members get Digital's radical implications. They are leading-edge participants in Digital’s wide-ranging, fast-moving and profound transformation of the economy and society. They understand all the Digital disruptors: Cloud, social media, gamification, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Big Data and Cybersecurity. Many MCA member firms have respected technological capabilities. Their consultants have deep expertise in Digital at a technical level. Member firms are actively recruiting the best Digital experts and partnering specialist Digital insurgents. But crucially, as consultants our members know what business and public service leaders really want to understand about Digital: how it will affect strategies, organisational design, skills needs and recruitment. Public servants need to know how Digital can save money and transform services. Business leaders want meaningful insights into how Digital can help them develop new propositions, enter new markets, make money and grow. Consultants are better placed than any other industry to help them.

To capture consulting insights on Digital, to raise awareness of the great work our member firms are already doing, and to explore how far Digital is changing consulting itself, we devoted a full year to the subject. In fact our Year of Digital lasted 15 months! On July 10th 2014, we launched the Year of Digital at a debate featuring guests Rt Hon David Willetts, MP, and Elizabeth Varley (founder of Tech Hub). And on 5th October 2015, we closed the Year with a panel session on Digital and Banking, featuring Chris Brindley (Metro Bank) and Eric Leenders (British Banking Association).

Across the Year, we hosted a range of events to examine various Digital issues. These included sessions Digital’s impact on retail, infrastructure, the public sector, marketing/communications, and the skills needs of the economy and of consulting. We examined the implications of Big Data and Cybercrime, partnering external bodies such as the Government's Digital Catapult. A full list of our events can be found here.

We also produced a range of articles and thought leadership on Digital topics. These included: the nature of Digital, how Digital is changing the economy and affecting business strategies, how Digital is changing consulting, how business leaders are coping with the challenge of Digital, the emerging new Digital culture, the importance of gamification, data as a business and consumer asset, the challenges of Cybersecurity, and the role of Government in helping Britain get the most from the Digital opportunity. A large selection can be found here.

Digital is of such ongoing importance to management consulting that we will build on the success of the Year of Digital and establish a new MCA Digital Network in Spring 2016.


For more information on the Year of Digital contact Paul Connolly, Director of the MCA Think Tank (