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MCA Year of Diversity

Member Support

—MCA Members share their support for the Year of Diversity

Nigel Slater, UK Head of Management Consulting, KPMG

“KPMG have worked with the MCA and other key members to make a difference because we believe that diversity is an opportunity and challenge for us as an industry.  KPMG is completely behind the Year of Diversity and believes it is time to act as one and change the sector today.”

Nick Ringrose, Head of People & Transformation, Atkins

“I’m a really strong supporter of the MCA’s initiative, the “Year of Diversity”.



Louise Fletcher, Partner, PwC

“The Year of Diversity is incredibly important. Diversity of teams and thinking leads to better consulting and solutions for our clients – as well as a richer experience for our people. Let us make it count!”


John Deverill MBE, Managing Principal, GE Healthcare Finnamore

“In GE Healthcare Finnamore, we are delighted that the MCA has chosen 2017 to be its ‘Year of Diversity’ and look forward to supporting events over the year.”

David Ferrabee, Director, Able and How

“We are both proud and pleased that the MCA have started the Year of Diversity. Timing is always right, but seems particularly pertinent right now.”


Keith Bissett, Chairman, Bourton Group

“Bourton Group is proud to support the MCA Year of Diversity. As an SME we feel we can create an open, inclusive, and diverse culture to help deliver great results for our clients.“


Nadun Muthukumarana, Partner, Deloitte

“We recognise the value of building a diverse and inclusive workforce, helping us to best serve our clients. The MCA Year of Diversity gives us a great opportunity to do this collectively across our industry.”


Lucinda Peniston-Baines, Managing Partner, The Observatory International

“The Observatory International is a strong supporter of the MCA’s Year of Diversity initiative.”


Richard Goold, Partner, Moorhouse Consulting

“We are excited about the MCA Year of Diversity and are looking forward to being able to connect our diversity and inclusion vision to the wider agenda across the management consulting industry.

Ivor Bennett, Capability Director, BMT HiQ Sigma

“BMT HiQ Sigma is supporting MCA’s Year of Diversity, because: We are committed to the growth, health and wellbeing of all of our employees, who are the motivation and drivers for our continued success. 

Richard Houston, Managing Partner, Consulting, Deloitte

“We welcome the MCA’s Year of Diversity. Respect and Inclusion is a cornerstone of how we operate the business and is critical to the success of our industry and our clients.  We believe that greater diversity is an outcome of an inclusive environment.”

Howard Tollit, MCA President, and Executive Partner, IBM

“IBM has long believed in and provided leadership for diversity, inclusion and tolerance.   IBM Global Business Services in the UK and Ireland fully supports the MCA's Year of Diversity for the opportunity it gives our overwhelmingly people-based consulting business to reflect on, develop and share our individual and firm best practices related to inclusion, and an awareness of the needs and preferences that may be different to our own.”

Helen Hague, HR Manager, Huthwaite International

“Huthwaite International are pleased to support and encourage the MCA’s focus for diversity. As a global skills development company, we are committed to promote a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion in all its policies, practices and procedures.”

Claire Kennedy, Managing Director, PPL

“PPL is proud to support the MCA Year of Diversity. Our commitment to creating an open, inclusive, and diverse culture is at the heart of our mission to deliver outstanding outcomes for our clients.” 


Liz Bingham OBE, Partner, EY

“At EY we have worked hard to build a culture that values differences across all backgrounds.  We are committed to advocating the strength of a diverse and inclusive culture, which is built on a foundation of respect for all individuals.  As business advisors we play an important role in helping clients to transform and improve their organisations.  On the issue of diversity and inclusion this starts with leading by example and we endorse the MCA’s year of diversity as a significant step in us confirming our commitment as an industry.”

Gary Miller, Managing Director, Thales Cyber & Consulting

“People are fundamental to the success of our business and our policies and codes in this area reflect that. We ensure our actions are transparent and consistent and that our employees are valued and treated fairly. Our people commitment is to uphold the need for equal opportunities and a diverse workforce.”

Sarah-Jayne Williams, Partner, BearingPoint

“BearingPoint fully recognises and supports the MCA’s Year of Diversity initiative, which aims to showcase and address the issues concerning diversity in the consulting industry.”