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Diversity Pledges

—As part of the Year of Diversity, MCA members are making pledges on how they can support diversity in consulting.

As part of the MCA's Year of Diversity, we are asking individual consultants and firms to make Year of Diversity pledges. These could be a personal or behavioural pledge from an individual. This could also be corporate commitments from firms, such as hosting a diversity event with the MCA, reviewing recruitment, introducing a new procedure to promote diversity, or putting in place a relevant diversity target. 

Pledges can be made throughout the year through the form at the bottom of the page. Once reviewed, these will be published on this page.



As a leading design and engineering company employing over 3,500 people in the UK Arcadis has a responsibility to create the best possible place to work for all its people. We actively support actions and behaviours that allow people to express themselves, be creative, thrive from dynamic relationships in teams and come together to get the best solutions for our clients.  Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is just one strand of activity that helps us achieve an inclusive business and benefits from being clearly articulated and aligned with our Vision 2020.  Through Inclusive Leadership programmes, active dialogue, Executive Board sponsors for our diversity work strands, and the ability to openly address barriers at senior level is creating a workplace where people can be themselves and contribute to improving the quality of life for all.  In the last year alone we have signed up to the 5% Apprentice Club, held Diversity Debates, run Women Senior Leaders Programmes, Monitored take up of leadership programmes, revised the way we work with our supply chain and supported organisations working to eliminate discrimination including Pride In London, Action for Kids and Mind.


Barbara Carlisle, Arcadis - To create a working environment across all our service areas that brings the best out of all our people, regardless of their age, disability, faith, gender, race, sexual orientation and background.  We will continue to address barriers to career progression for underrepresented groups in our business and promote Inclusive Leadership responsibilities


  1. Eradicate the gender pay gap in 2017
  2. Ensure recruitment at Senior Consultant level has a 50% female intake from 2017 onwards
  3. Review candidate sourcing strategy and recruitment advertising to ensure we are attracting more diverse talent


At PPL, we believe that Diversity is, at its core, not just about recognising difference, but about being open to the fact that diversity of perspectives, opinions, approaches, goals, backgrounds, experience and ways of working will create outcomes that may be complex to achieve, but are more likely to be sustainable in practice.

Diversity is about rejecting the false comfort of uniformity, and trying to make sense of all that we can be as organisations, and as people.
At PPL, we celebrate diversity in the way we work with each other, in the way we work with our clients and in the way we seek to create positive outcomes within complex and challenging environments.
We welcome the MCA Year of Diversity, as an opportunity to reflect on what we have already achieved as an organisation, in fostering a culture that recognises the role of difference in enabling high quality delivery.
We pledge to use the Year of Diversity as a framework for asking ourselves whether there is more we could do and how we can share our existing best practice. We feel proud of our approach to diversity but we pledge to be open to challenging ourselves and our clients to ensure that we continue to celebrate the richness that true diversity brings.


BMT HiQ Sigma is supporting MCA’s Year of Diversity, because:

We are committed to the growth, health and wellbeing of all our employees, who are the motivation and drivers for our continued success.  

We want to include talent from every facet of society to support our growth and improve solutions for our clients and our business – a more diverse talent pool provides a broader perspective on problems and opportunities.

2017 will see us continue to invest and promote diversity and inclusivity through a range of initiatives, supported by our parent company, including training to support women to progress to more senior roles and workshops that aid managers to recognise and be aware of mental health conditions.  The MCA Year of Diversity is a timely opportunity to gain inspiration and insight to support this agenda.


Richard Goold - Since September 2016 I have led the diversity and inclusion agenda in Moorhouse.  This has involved laying the foundations to support open discussion, being clear about where we are and setting ambitions about where we want to go as a firm.

2017 is an important year for diversity and inclusion in Moorhouse and my commitment is to lead and support our diversity and inclusion team who will work across the firm to deliver our diversity and inclusion agenda.  My personal pledge is to two-fold.  Firstly, I will ensure that diversity and inclusion is a key component of our People and Talent agenda in Moorhouse and that it has the visibility and time for discussion at leadership team meetings.  Secondly, we will dedicate one of our quarterly, whole-company away-days to the theme of diversity and inclusion.  The focus will be on unconscious bias and we will encourage our people to reflect on how and why bias manifests itself as well thinking about how critical thinking can help us to create a workplace that is truly inclusive.


IBM has long believed in and provided leadership for diversity, inclusion and tolerance. IBM Global Business Services in the UK and Ireland fully supports the MCA's Year of Diversity for the opportunity it gives our overwhelmingly people based consulting business to reflect on, develop and share our individual and firm best practices related to inclusion, and an awareness of the needs and preferences that may be different to our own.   Our industry is by its nature diverse, and as management consultants we have every incentive and opportunity to identify and promote our 'collective strength through diversity.'  

During this Year of Diversity, we commit to promote our understanding of Unconscious Bias across our organisation with the aim of reinforcing our commitment to inclusion as a core value in all we do, in our dealings both with our clients and internally with our colleagues.


Mott MacDonald is pleased to support the MCA’s Year of Diversity and add our pledge to voices across the sector. We have launched a series of goals to embed, sustain and further improve diversity amongst our employees. Part of our UK equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) action plan for 2017-2018, our goals have been established in order to increase diversity at all levels and are based on analysis of employee metrics and wider demographic trends, combined with feedback from employee engagement surveys and focus groups.

The results will be used to monitor representation of candidates and staff by gender, gender identity, race, disability and sexual orientation. Our EDI team will then use this information to report quarterly to the our regional executive board and award-winning Advance employee network. Our commitments focus on staff representation at apprentice, graduate, management and leadership levels, in the key action areas of attract and recruit, retain and engage and develop and progress.


Lorna Rea - I pledge to push our company to be more genuine, less box-tick.

Maya Kolaska - Help my firm and clients work more flexibly and collaboratively.



Matt Smith, Sysdoc - I pledge to increase the diversity of Sysdoc’s involvement in the MCA.

Mary Scott, KPMG - I pledge to be more thoughtful of invisible diversity characteristics.

Howard Rees CSC - I pledge to make diversity a core element of the Young MCA.

Nash Matinyarare, Grant Thornton UK LLP - I pledge to start a Diversity initiative at my firm

Jacob Roche, Mott MacDonald - I pledge to take an active role in my company’s diversity and inclusion programme.


Shaun Scantlebury - I will proactively seek out three colleagues to sponsor. 




Please make your pledge through the form below:

Diversity Pledges