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The PSC, formerly 2020 Delivery, is a team of public service consultants united by the belief that better public services are the key to a stronger society.

With over 14 years’ specialised experience, we are proud to partner with ambitious leaders across some of the UK’s biggest public service organisations – including the NHS, central government, education and beyond.

Our team of curious, independent-minded consultants have helped tackle some of the most complex challenges facing the public sector in recent years – from transforming how the public uses A&E in light of COVID to preparing government services for the digital era.

To solve problems and unlock lasting results, we bring together experts from across our three core specialisms to create a ‘blend of the best’ for every project:

  • Performance – Our collaborative, tried and tested approach to improving performance is focused on creating meaningful change that lives on. We work together to analyse and diagnose your status quo, devise a plan, then make it happen.
  • Digital – Our approach is embedded in our understanding of a wider context. We work with our clients, using data science and user centred-design to co-create new digital services, ensuring they deliver strong financial results, are in harmony with teams and working practices, and include everyone.
  • Strategy – we deliver lasting results by putting relationships and collaboration at the core of our strategy work, expertly managing negotiations, partnerships and processes, and providing robust data driven insights to allow people to make sound judgements.

Our expertise has been recognised by the Financial Times, The Economist and The Guardian.

Key Personnel

  • Russell Cake, Director
  • Chris Bradley, Director
  • Antonio Weiss, Director
  • Jonathan Chappell, Director
  • Catherine Mulcahy, Chief Operating Officer

UK Office Locations


Worldwide Coverage

United Kingdom

Consultancy Services

  • Business Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Digital and Technology Consultancy
  • Operations; Programme/Project Management
  • Strategy
  • Capability Building
  • Organisational Sustainability

Industry Sectors

Government and Public Sector

  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • Education
  • NHS/Public Health

MCA Firm Representatives

Catherine Mulcahy
MCA Council Representative

Catherine Mulcahy is Chief Operating Officer at The PSC and sits on the MCA Council.

Contact Information


1 Finsbury Avenue

Telephone Number

020 3965 2033