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SME Checklist


Although COVID 19 has many immediate challenges there are opportunities to develop the long-term strategic advantage of a business with new remote working tools.


Risking Exposure of Confidential data and client information

Although there has been a rapid adoption of technology by firms, some have not been able to assess security quickly enough, risking exposure of confidential data and client information.

The MCA has created a free checklist for SMEs to ensure that they ask the right questions about technology and how staff could use it before it is purchased.

Questions cover a number of areas and include:

  • Does the technology align with broader transformation and strategic plans?
  • Do you need edit locks on documents?
  • How aware are staff of cyber security?
  • Can you limit who can join a virtual meeting?
  • Can employees use their own devices and what are the risks?
  • Which licensing models are available?

For queries regarding the SME Guide please contact Tim Keen.

Tel: 0207 645 7967

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