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Thought Leadership

Picture: PwC: Powering Ahead! Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is an important part of the work that many consultancies provide across the UK and helps cement firms or organisations as leaders in their field, able to generate new and different ways of thinking and challenge conventional thinking. Many MCA firms works with clients to provide key thought leadership pieces which enable organisations to have genuine impact in the market and influence on public policy debates.

Consultants also produce a large amount of publicly available thought leadership material which demonstrates their expertise and capabilities. This page allows you to access some of the best thought leadership pieces freely available and also cover some of the best case studies of outstanding thought leadership the industry has provided as demonstrated through the MCA Awards.

Our annual Management Consultancies Awards provide a fantastic opportunity for consultants to demonstrate their best thought leadership and the impact it has had. The impact could be in developing the capabilities and skills of the firm, launching a new service, supporting excellent client service and projects or stimulating a wider debate in business and public policy.

Thought Leadership from MCA Members