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The SME Group

Lorraine Nicolson

Events and Communications Manager

+44 (0) 20 7645 7961

The Management Consultancies Association brings together members from the across the diverse spectrum of the consulting sector and a majority of our members are SMEs. Currently we have over 38 SME members. See our full list of MCA members here .

The current SME Committee is led by Chair, Guy Sorrill (Sysdoc) and the committee is supported by Lorraine Nicolson from the MCA.

The MCA’s SME Committee meets 4 times a year to discuss key issues affecting the industry and the specific challenges and opportunities for smaller consultancies. Members who are involved with this group can hear from expert speakers and discuss key challenges facing small and medium sized consultancies. Typical issues that have been covered in committee meetings include the challenge of attracting the right talent, how to promote brand and develop smaller businesses, GDPR, diversity and flexible working. Often speakers are invited to attend the SME committee meetings and most recently we hosted a session on SMEs working in the public sector.

Tamzen Isacsson CEO of MCA says,

The SME group is a vital part of the MCA and is always well attended with excellent group discussions on a variety of issues. We host committee meetings throughout the year and the agenda is driven by members to ensure SMEs are getting the insight and valuable services they need.  In 2019 we are looking to provide some additional development sessions for the SME group to get advice on how to best grow and develop their businesses and we hope this will be a useful additional benefit to the range of MCA services.

Many consultancies often partner with each other to ensure they provide the best collection of skills and expertise for a client’s specific needs on a project. The MCA offers networking opportunities throughout its programme of events to create connections between members and  historically these have led to successful partnerships.

Aside from a programme of events and meetings throughout the year, the SME Committee are instrumental in assisting the MCA in gathering data specific to SMEs in the consulting sector.

As well as representing the entire industry the MCA works to ensure the voice of SMEs is heard in government and with other key stakeholders. Our works focuses on ensuring the SME landscape is understood better externally.

Guy Sorrill, Chair of the SME Committee says,

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) consultancies account for 69% of all members of the MCA and form an essential part of the UK consulting industry. The MCA’s SME group was established in 2009, providing an opportunity for members firms to share their best practice and specific challenges, to seek opportunities to work together, and to provide additional capability and capacity where our clients request it. We are an active community, working together to promote the value we offer to organisations and to the UK industry as a whole.

The MCA SME community covers the widest possible range of consulting services, addressing every possible need a client might have. We work across all sectors; public, private and the third sector, and we relish the opportunity to help our clients address complex business and organisation challenges, helping them to transform and to be operationally excellent. We are selected by our clients for our specific expertise and our bespoke ways of working and for the value we realise for our clients. As individuals, we choose to work for SME consultancies as they provide opportunities to work as an expert, honing our skills, in order to deliver a first-rate service to our clients.

For more information on the MCA’s SME Committee and their activities please get in touch with