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How To Join

The MCA represents the UK’s leading consultancies and our large network of firms can be viewed in our member directory. We welcome both large and small firms to join our membership body from across the diverse consulting sector. The MCA and its members are committed to the principles of Consulting Excellence and this is an important part of the application process. You can read more about Consulting Excellence here.

Details of the joining process are provided below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Check that you are eligible for membership

The MCA requires that an applicant firms must:

  • have been in practice and provided consulting services in the UK for more than one year;
  • employ skilled consultants with relevant experience;
  • demonstrate that they are committed to observing the Principles of Consulting Excellence and provide evidence of good practice in Ethical Behaviour, Client Service and Value, Professional Development, and Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion;
  • provide evidence that they are financially solvent and in a position to meet their financial liabilities;
  • provide two client case studies with accompanying client referees who are able to testify to the good reputation and quality of the applicant. 


Request a quote

Subscription fees are determined according to your annual UK consulting fee income*. To receive a quotation for membership and to request an application form, please email Alice Newton ( to confirm your annual UK consulting fee income.

*We define UK consulting income as gross fee income for management consulting services earned by the UK firm or entity, including income earned overseas by UK-based consultants or their firms where this is reported and accounted for in the UK.


Complete and return an application form

If you would like to proceed with an application for membership, please return a completed application form and supporting documentation to Alice Newton ( The MCA executive team will review your application and contact your nominated client referees.

A copy of our Terms and Conditions can be found here.