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Value of Consulting

Consultants play a vital role in the private and public sector and according to recent research are valued by leaders for the transformational impact, innovation and increased efficiency they bring.  The value of consulting is in helping clients get better results, for less money and faster. The MCA Awards have some great examples of consulting success.

We recently carried out an independent survey of business leaders across the public and private sector to find out more about how consulting was valued and what it was used for. The results showed that the use of consultants is widespread across the UK with 84% of businesses polled confirmed they had used consulting services and 81% of them said they had met or exceeded expectations. The findings of the study showed a great deal of client satisfaction in consulting across a umber of key businesses in the UK.

Consultants add value by:

  • providing up-do-date and innovatory thinking and experience from all economic sectors, combined with firm IP and experience from other consulting projects
  • Bringing together teams of consultants who have relevant skills and expertise
  • Being accountable to clients for the quality of performance and results, and managing risks associated with a project
  • Drawing on deep technical expertise (for instance in digital technology or healthcare), combined with sophisticated understanding of business and organisational dynamics
  • Transfer knowledge and skill into the client organisation, leaving it better equipped to respond to future challenges
  • Working with a wide range of stakeholders in ways that maximise common ground and buy-in for objectives
  • [In the case of MCA member firms} Adopting and living the principles of Consulting Excellence, the consulting industry’s new scheme for quality and high standards

The value of consulting is best explained by the clients that use it and our MCA Awards case studies provide an excellent opportunity to find out more about how consulting delivers for firms and organisations.

Why do organisations use consultants?

“The consultants brought the technical support to make the project possible.”

“We had expertise in certain areas but didn’t know how to bring all the pieces together”

“The Consultants brought a fresh, external perspective”

“Consultants have the ability to bring resources very quickly”

“Consultants add additional value by keeping a time scale to develop a project. They also do things faster – our project could have taken twice as long if the organisation had done the project itself”.

You can find more about our MCA member firms who deliver these services in our members directory.