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Home Value of Consulting Infrastructure


Infrastructure in the UK is the physical assets that make up our road, rail, airport, energy, water, gas, and telecommunications networks. It is also the housing, hospitals and social infrastructure which serves our communities. Infrastructure is the backbone of a successful economy and society. It enables communities to function, businesses to thrive, and our economy to prosper. Infrastructure lasts a long time and it needs to be maintained and managed, and this also provides a long term requirement for support services.

The UK Government’s National Infrastructure Plan places emphasis on long term investment as a mechanism for increasing living standards, driving economic growth and boosting productivity. Over £460bn of Government Infrastructure spend has already been allocated against specific growth projects and a further £200bn of expenditure has been committed.  While infrastructure is the smallest sector as measured by fee income, the growth has been significant as many UK based large-scale projects have required input from consultants including Crossrail and work with Heathrow and Network Rail.

With this opportunity comes a responsibility to deliver the investment efficiently and effectively. Planning, creating and maintaining these assets is challenging, and Management Consultants are often asked to help solve these challenges. MCA member firms provide key services for such developments, including programme and project management and project management, sustainability consulting and advisory on design and customer experience. Management consulting is critical to the success of the sector, and the confident growth figure illustrates how much of a role the industry plays in enabling redevelopment and improvements across the UK.

You can find out more about some of the best examples of infrastructure consulting providing by MCA firms in our sector below. Many of these companies have been shortlisted as finalists in the annual MCA Awards.