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Setting Industry Standards

The ChMC Accreditation is a guarantee that the consultants you have hired have reached the highest standards of service in their profession. It is the professional benchmark of a consultant’s abilities. It assures you quality of service, expertise, and experience. It lets you know you have the services of a consultant who has met the highest standards in the Management Consultancy profession.

Chartered Management Consultants must prove they serve clients to the highest standards. That they can build sustainable business relationships of mutual confidence, trust, and respect. Chartered focusses rigorously on:


Creating change that delivers results for clients in the short medium and in the long term. Demonstrating that their actions lead to better outcomes. It is the only award that really does measure impact for the clients’ benefit.


Values, Ethics and Behaviours
Chartered consultants are trusted advisors, they must act in the best interests of clients and have the evidence to prove they have done so to become Chartered. Chartered Consultants must ensure their organisation’s ethics code is being upheld. They respect people with whom they work, create positive impact in the context of the client operating environment and take into account social and governance factors.


Leadership and management
To be Chartered a consultant must show they can inspire trust and command respect. They operate in an ethical and inclusive manner and demonstrate the ability to influence, engage and empathise with those around them, understanding the purpose and direction of the client organisation. They must also value developing diversity and inclusion within their own firm


Chartered requires a minimum of five years’ experience within the profession while there are other routes for consultants who have a minimum of seven years, and in many cases decades, of experience.


Lifelong Development
Chartered is more than a snapshot of a consultant’s career and achievements, substantial though they must be. To be awarded Chartered a consultant must commit to lifelong personal and professional development to ensure that their skills and abilities are always cutting edge.