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Setting Industry Standards

The ChMC award gives clients assurance of the quality of service, adding credibility and value to the Management Consultancy profession for customers. ChMC ensures clients are getting the right level of competence, integrity, and expertise when they ask for chartered consultants.


“Professional accreditation is a real underpinning for any industry. An accreditation like this is good for the profession as a whole because it lifts the level of everyone. We hope to see all firms offering people who join them a route to this accreditation.”

Gareth Rhys Williams, Government Chief Commercial Officer




“The launch of ChMC qualification marks an important step in recognising professionalism and quality in the management consulting sector.”

Bruce Carnegie-Brown, Chairman of Lloyds of London



“Joining a community of consultants that have either achieved their award or are in the process of achieving, demonstrates you are setting the standard for the industry. You will also bring along with you a wealth of knowledge, experience and a higher degree of delivery to any organisation or client. Being part of this elite community ensures you are operating with best practice, industry knowledge and commitment. All these things are incredibly valuable to an organisation and is an acceleration of one’s own career path.”

                                        Bev Thaker-Fell, Director of Procurement at Barclays