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Getting Started

Are you interested in becoming a Chartered Management Consultant?


There are three routes to become Chartered:
  1. Experienced professional route
  2. On-programme route
  3. With a level 7 academic qualification in Management Consulting, via the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)


Experienced Professional Standard Route

Experienced professionals are consultants who can apply for Chartership when they have at least 7 years’ experience in management consulting.  You can become chartered through the completion of a written assessment and professional discussion.   The written component has various sections to complete, the consultant makes their case to become chartered, and needs to evidence how their experience relates to the core competencies from the framework. This is then followed by a one-hour professional discussion with an assessor.


Experienced Professionals Depth Interview

This option gives more weighting to the professional discussion for those with experience. The Depth Interview route has a written component where consultants will evidence their experience against the 10 core competencies of the framework, this is then followed by a longer two-hour professional discussion.  The written component is shorter than the standard route.  The Depth Interview route cuts down the volume of preparation time required and is helpful for consultants who may be constrained by time.



This is where a firm has their training and development programme accredited and this route is for consultants with less than 5 years’ management consulting experience.

A firm’s programme is mapped to the competency framework to ensure consultants meet all 54 competencies.  The On-Programme route is used to develop consultants, and aids talent and retention.  When the consultant has 5 years’ experience, they can apply to be assessed for Chartership.  Each consultant will have to submit a written assessment and undergo a one-hour professional discussion.

Please note, you may only apply for ChMC via this route if your firm’s programme is accredited, otherwise the other option is to go through the Experienced Professional route once you have 7 years’ experience.


Associate Award

Associate ChMC was created as a midway recognition point for consultants registered on-programme and is aimed at giving professionals greater recognition earlier on in their career as well as helping to attract and retain talent. Consultants can apply to be assessed with 3 years’ consulting experience and will be operating at the Applied level of the ChMC competency framework. Each consultant will have to submit a written assessment and undergo a one-hour professional discussion. Once attained, consultants with the Associate Award who apply for ChMC within three years can benefit from a reduced submission and fee. Currently, the Associate ChMC is only available to firms with an accredited programme already in place.


If you would like further information or to schedule a call back, please contact Trent Weber, MCA Business Development Manager by email


Find out if your firm has an accredited programme here.

If you work for an MCA non-member firm and have more than 7 years’ experience you can start straight away. This will involve a written submission and an interview process. To learn more and register your interest please click here.


Are you a Management Consultancy firm interested in becoming accredited for ChMC?

On receipt of your participation form, CMI will forward a draft agreement containing the terms and conditions for the Chartered Management Consultant Accreditation. Once signed, we will agree a timetable for the accreditation process.