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Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

MCA members are committed to diversity and inclusion within their workplace and workforce. They have demonstrated this by signing up to the Consulting Excellence principles which outline the standards they are committing to on diversity and inclusion. We respect and embrace diversity and inclusion and understand the importance and positive benefit of people from different backgrounds working for our companies and our clients. Furthermore, all members support industry efforts to improve progress on diversity and inclusion by implementing best practice and monitoring the diversity of the consultancy sector workforce over time.

The Diversity and Inclusion Working Group brings together firms from across the sector to share best practice across the industry.

The vision is to ensure that every step of a career in consulting is accessible to everyone. Creating a culture that is truly inclusive of everyone and enables all consultants to bring their authentic selves to work is a priority for our industry.

The group meets every quarter to discuss key diversity and inclusion industry issues and upcoming activities and events.

Impact and Influence

Since the beginning of the year, the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group has worked to host events and workshops focused on diversity and inclusion. All members are committed to investigating the effectiveness of diversity and inclusion policies and participating in the MCA Annual Industry Report 2023 which forms a comprehensive assessment of the performance of the consulting sector in the UK in this area. Members can find out the latest data from 2022 on gender, ethnicity and social mobility in the latest MCA Annual Industry Report 2023.

MCA Member firms are at different stages in their journey to improve equality, diversity and inclusion. The Diversity & Inclusion Working Group are committed to and focused on supporting all member firms, no matter their size, to progress their workforce inclusion initiatives in the future.

To do this we, the working group, is:

  • Developing a best practice toolkit, designed and utilised by members, setting out positive and effective interventions across the employee journey;
  • Hosting events to discuss the importance of data in improving equity, inclusion and diversity in organisations, and working with leaders from our membership to set stretched targets that will make a real difference to the industry;
  • Learning from each other to address challenges and issues to accelerate the change.


Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit

The Diversity and Inclusion Working Group has developed a D&I toolkit to support MCA members with the development of their D&I strategies.

Parts one to three of the Toolkit are now available for MCA members to download, covering:

  • Part One: Attracting a diverse range of talent to your organisation
  • Part Two: Recruiting and interviewing diverse applicants in an inclusive way
  • Part Three: Onboarding and inducting diverse new starts inclusively
  • Part Four: Retaining diverse talent and enabling them to thrive

This toolkit is available for MCA members ONLY and contains key resources and examples of best practice to help drive firms’ efforts to improve equality, inclusion, and diversity across the consulting sector.

This document is password protected for MCA Members only, please contact to gain access.

Get Involved

Find out how you can get involved with the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, by emailing James Sibley