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MCA Annual Report

The MCA’s 2017 UK Consulting Industry Statistics Report contains the most comprehensive and authoritative data and analysis on the consulting industry. With year on year trends by service line, sector and firm type, it is an invaluable source of information for senior management in consulting firms, partner organisations, consulting buyers, suppliers, and commentators on this important industry.

The Report is the definitive analysis of around 50% of the fee income of the UK consulting industry, a sample of around £4.46bn in size. The sample includes PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and IBM, as well as many big consulting practices in technology and infrastructure firms, and specialist consulting practices.

The data reveals that in 2016, the UK’s world leading consulting industry saw a 4.76% growth in fee-income. Niche specialist firms grew substantially faster than any other type (20%) including pure consulting firms and audit firms. While the large firms have the largest share of consulting revenues (78%), they grew by 4% while medium-sized firms grew by 6%.

The MCA analysis shows that the growth of niche specialists and the success of some medium-sized consulting practices is attributable to specialisation and differentiation in response to client demands for expertise.