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MCA 2021 Annual Report


Every year the MCA collects key data from our members that enables us to produce a comprehensive assessment of the performance of the consulting sector in the UK.


The MCA’s 2021 Annual Industry Report contains the most comprehensive and authoritative data and analysis on the consulting industry.

Despite the pandemic, the UK consulting sector experienced another year of growth as it helped both the public and private sector on a range of projects from the accelerated set up of the National UK Vaccine centre to the digital transformation of businesses to ensure that employees could work from home.

Please note, the report is free for all existing MCA members but can be purchased by organisations and individuals outside of the association.

The latest independent survey conducted by Savanta, reveals that, although growth was less than in previous years at 4.5%, small and medium-sized consultancy firms saw the largest growth of 33% and 35% respectively while larger firms saw a decline of -2%.

This reflects the ability of smaller firms to pivot their offerings to clients and respond to changing demands while firms specialising in digital transformation were also in high demand. Feedback from MCA member firms for 2021 suggests growth in double digits as the consulting sector supports the economic recovery and businesses accelerate plans that were previously put on hold.

The report also contains information on consulting in the UK and overseas, sector growth, consulting services as well as an expanded section for 2021 on diversity and inclusion and the impact of COVID-19. As in 2020, the sustainability initiatives that firms are undertaking is also examined.

“Positive progress has been made in some areas however we need to continue this momentum to ensure diversity and inclusion is represented at every level of the consulting industry. Initiatives such as transgender and non-binary guidance or events to support LGBT+ visability and inclusion are important but smaller firms find this more difficult to do and this is also reflected in the collection of social mobility details which can be problematic to collect information on given the range of social mobility characteristics in place.”


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For questions or queries regarding the 2021 Annual Industry Report please contact Caroline Florence.
Tel: 020 7645 7959

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