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MCA 2020 Annual Report


Every year the MCA collects key data from our members that enables us to produce a comprehensive assessment of the performance of the consulting sector in the UK.


The MCA’s Annual Industry Report 2020 provides an unrivalled assessment of the performance of the leading consulting firms in the UK which are part of the trade body the MCA. This short summary version contains headline findings and commentary from the report including overall and sector specific growth.

The true value of the report lies in the validity and authority of its data source – the MCA membership. There is no comparable piece of research that draws on data from such a wide variety of firms, from the Big 4 to successful small and medium-sized practices.

Please note, the report is free for all existing MCA members, but can be purchased by organisations and individuals outside of the association.

“The consulting industry is resilient, and this is shown in the strength of growth rates in recent years, proving that we have strong foundations upon which to help build the revival of the UK economy. Consulting in industries dramatically impacted by lockdown such as aviation, travel and leisure has inevitably been paused but demand is still strong in other areas and firms have been heavily involved in a range of critical projects helping both the private and public sector during this crisis. Digital transformation, strengthening supply chains and cost reduction are all key priorities for businesses right now and the role our industry will play in rebuilding the economy will be more pivotal than ever.”


Chief Executive




For questions or queries regarding the 2020 Annual Industry Report please contact Caroline Florence.
Tel: 020 7645 7959

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