Charles Griffiths-Lambeth, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Rising Star

Charles is at the forefront of Simon Kucher’s work advising on business and data services. Frequently assigned to spar with senior client stakeholders, he has become integral to solving clients’ most challenging questions as a trusted advisor and team leader.

Our lives are increasingly touched by such services. From guiding the investment choices of your pension fund to facilitating the latest pharmaceutical innovation, optimal flows of information are a keystone of today’s world. In the past year Charles has worked with these businesses and others, helping them to grow, to better understand the complexities of their customers’ needs and, through that, to provide greater value. Ultimately he is helping invest in the world of tomorrow.

Charles’ passion for developing clients is rivalled by his belief in developing the firm. As a founding member of the diversity and inclusion team in London, he is committed to levelling up the firm as it seeks to hire, retain, and benefit from the fullest possible range of talent. And through the development of new consulting products, approaches and projects he’s helping keep them busy.

In three accelerated years, Charles has had the support and space to unfurl his wings. In the next three see where he can fly.