Becky Taylor, Carnall Farrar

Exceptional Support and Delivery by a Consultant During COVID-19

Becky is a Senior Manager in CF’s healthcare consulting team and has dedicated her consulting career to supporting the NHS, whether that be whole health systems, acute hospitals, community providers, or supporting the NHS to work in partnership with social care.

Over the past year, Becky has led a number of engagements with NHS clients grappling with responding to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. Becky worked tirelessly to bring rapid clarity to complex and changing scenarios at a time where there has been a lot of uncertainty.

In the past year, Becky has supported several NHS clients, from early response planning at Central London Community Healthcare, to out-of-hospital care planning across London with NHSEI London, London ADASS and London Councils, through supporting elective restart work in North East London and finally leading the NHSEI National Independent Sector PMO team co-ordinating the Independent Sector support during the second wave.  The work of Becky and her team has been used to make decisions about the provision of care during the pandemic, and several approaches taken are now being put to use to plan care provision during the recovery of elective services.

Throughout the whole year, Becky has been conscious of the difficult, challenging and worrying personal and professional circumstances that people within her client and consulting teams have been working with, working to alleviate pressures where possible.  She considers it to have been a privilege to have had the opportunity to support people working in the NHS, who have dedicated their careers to looking after people at their own times of crisis, at their own points of crisis.