Esther Titchen, PwC

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

Esther is a senior manager within the Operations area of Consulting, focused on transformation. She has worked at PwC for 20 years and has experience across both public and private sectors. After working in internal services for some years, she realised she wanted to work with a wider range of people, and help understand and solve client problems. So she switched to Consulting, and there has been no turning back.

Esther truly embodies what it means to be a good leader of people, and how to coach people to achieve their potential. Putting into practice what many others merely talk about, she knows how to motivate, engage and inspire people, create other leaders, embrace diversity, and put together effective teams. The people she works with or supervises, whether internal or external, time and time again turn to her for her skilled coaching to maximise their own performance, or to cope with a challenging situation.

Esther is courageous in how she tackles difficult conversations and situations, giving honest feedback that enables people to develop. Combining this with emotional intelligence, and clear direction, is how she has built an enduring reputation for her leadership style, and a wide following of people who want to work on her projects. The bottom line is that she motivates people, she brings fun and energy to her teams, and makes them want to deliver spectacular outcomes for PwC’s clients. She raises the bar and invests in her teams – with passion for the work and authentic care for the people she works with.