Hannah Austin, IBM Consulting

Rising Star

In under eighteen months at IBM, Hannah has inspired, led and managed technical teams with dedication, expertise and ambition, delivering innovative solutions for her clients. She’s helped a MIT-backed start-up create a sustainable energy digital platform business, guided a Top Three UK bank on its digital transformation journey, and been a crucial part of a team creating new medical-science software.

Hannah’s work exceeds client expectations, leads to positive advocacy for IBM, increases revenue and contributes to company growth. In addition to running technical workstreams and helping her senior clients achieve successful business outcomes, she is a key contributor to IBM’s EXO –an open-source architecture framework and toolkit which has reduced client costs by 70+% and speed to market 3x. She has been instrumental in embedding IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy in her role at the Red Hat Engine Room. Here Hannah was able to help clients experience how IBM Cloud could drive real business transformation –for example, helping an NHS genomics project get backing from a large pharmaceutical to scale their impact.

Coming from a broadcasting background (and a Radio Academy ’30 under 30’ winner), Hannah has an engaging and empathetic approach to her audience, breaking down complex technical topics into concepts that both clients and IBM’ers can understand. She is an inclusivity champion, donating her time, talent and leadership at developer meetups on topics such as ‘tech for good’ and as a mentor to women in technology –truly exemplifying IBM’s core value of making the world a better place.