Joseph Riou, BearingPoint

Rising Star

Joseph is a member of BearingPoint’s Core Consulting Team and a Rising Star within the Consulting industry.

With a background in engineering, Joseph brings a new perspective to the clients he works with; bridging the gap between business and technical.

Having worked with a variety of key clients across a range of industries during his time as a consultant, Joseph has quickly understood the impact he can make on the client and has established himself as a trusted advisor.

Joseph’s experience in engineering has contributed to his inquisitive and analytical approach to consulting, always keen to understand the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a problem. This attention to detail has supported his role when communicating with the Chief of Electrical Engineering at a key UK client, enabling him to talk with a high level of technical detail, but backed with the business knowledge required.

By acknowledging the definition of the word ‘consulting’, which is one of the very few contranyms in the English language, Joseph has propelled his consulting career in both client-facing and business development capacities. By consulting the myriad resources available to him, Joseph has been able to deliver high-impact research to expert client teams. This, in combination with his desire to disassemble problems, has enabled Joseph to play an instrumental role in winning a significant piece of new work in a completely new area for BearingPoint UK.

Joseph really is a rising star within the consulting industry, and we look forward to what is in store.