Kate Haynes, IBM Consulting

Best New Apprentice

Kate is a truly fantastic young woman whose determination and willingness to learn and seize any challenge has allowed her to excel amongst her peers, delivering exceptional outputs for her clients and the business.

From her very first project, Kate was promoted into a leadership role within a month, owning a crucial workstream and guiding the client towards success. This appears to be a consistent theme in Kate’s career, despite her juniority she naturally transitions into roles as a trusted leader and delivers excellent work, helping IBM to achieve high NPS scores and win work.

She is particularly commended for her contributions to an internal business value proposition challenge where she worked with executive partners and leadership teams across the globe to develop an internal microsite and enablement programme to be used by our 15,000 practitioners globally.

Beyond her day-to-day work, Kate is actively involved in a number of ‘giveback’ activities. Most notably, she set up an internal podcast to discuss important and relevant topics such as LGBTQ+, Black Lives Matter, and mental health, through to managing pensions and dealing with grief at work.

Finally, in addition to her outstanding work performance, Kate also completes a full-time degree alongside her role, currently achieving the highest average mark across her cohort. She also mentors a number of other people to achieve academic excellence and represents IBM and her University talking to thousands of prospective students.

Frankly, Kate is exceptional. She has a level of maturity and thoughtfulness that is spectacular for her age. Undoubtedly, she will be a fast-tracker and a talent to watch.