Lucy Traynor, Deloitte

Team Leader Consultant of the Year

Lucy has devoted her career to driving a positive social impact. Starting out as a Teach First secondary school teacher in a disadvantaged community, she went on to direct an education charity before joining the consulting industry ten years ago.

Now a Senior Manager at Deloitte, Lucy is committed to driving social and environmental change in financial services. She established the firm’s Better Banking team, inspiring colleagues and clients through events, blogs, podcasts and social media on themes such as “Can banks change the world?” and “How has COVID-19 damaged the financial wellbeing of the UK?”. The Better Banking team is helping to attract more women and minority groups into consulting and serves as an outstanding example of how the industry can address the biggest problems in society.

In 2019, Lucy set up Deloitte’s partnership with The Big Exchange to launch a pioneering impact investment platform. Working closely with the organisation’s CEO, Lucy influenced Deloitte’s senior leadership to offer over 20 months pro-bono support for the project. This has enabled Lucy and her team to launch money management services to support the financial wellbeing of the nation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Lucy is a recognised leader on financial inclusion; her thought leadership and work embedding financial inclusion into her clients’ COVID-19 recovery plans are shaping Deloitte’s international strategy. Her vision for Better Banking, and the inclusive community she has pioneered, are inspiring consultants and clients to significantly higher levels of action to create a fairer, more sustainable financial system.