Safia Mirza, KPMG

Rising Star

What do you do when you see women being underrepresented in the technology industry? Start your own coding course aimed at women that reaches over 30 countries online of course! And broaden it out to reach school children, disadvantaged young people and in fact anyone who has an interest in learning new skills. Along the way, also getting into the Guinness Book of Records…

These are all things that Safia Mirza has achieved in just a few short years at KPMG. She fits this in alongside her ‘day job’ of project managing the migration of applications to the Cloud with a specialism in Azure DevOps. Her projects have helped realise significant time and cost savings – running into multiple thousands of pounds on an annualised basis – resulting in high client satisfaction.

Safia is, in every way, a ‘rising star’. Down to earth, level-headed, willing to ask questions and to learn, she has incredible energy to get things done and to make a tangible difference. She regularly speaks at outreach events in schools and colleges, addresses business leader audiences, and takes part in external podcasts. She is co-organiser of DevOps Exchange Manchester (#DOXMAN) too.

Already, she has brought an interest in technology as a career to thousands of women, children and young adults who may not otherwise have considered it or realised the potential it holds for them. And it seems certain there is much more to come.