Sam Calderwood, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Rising Star

Driving strategy in healthcare

Working with clients from leading pharmaceutical organizations to small biotechs, I have delivered value through the development of toolkits, financial modelling and pragmatic strategic recommendations. From the launch of cell & gene therapies, offering potential cures to terminal conditions, through to value-based contracting solutions to tackle affordability and uncertainty, I support clients in reaching patients most in need of new innovation.

Driving teams through mentorship
As a project manager, I ensure that my team contribute where they are strongest whilst having opportunities to develop skills that will unlock the next career steps. I schedule 1:1 calls with every team member before the start of any project to ensure I understand their ambitions and they understand how they will be an integral part of the team. I give feedback as often as possible and dedicate time at the end of each project to discuss areas where each colleague excelled, and how they can improve.

Driving thought leadership
Outside of project work, I support internal programs to expand Simon-Kucher’s Life Sciences services and have authored multiple publications in leading external journals, on Simon-Kucher thought leadership channels, and even on my own channels. I produced a webinar series during the COVID pandemic to keep clients up to date with the latest insights and have presented posters at international pharmacoeconomic research conferences.