Deloitte with the Prince’s Trust


A strategy for the future 

Enabling the Prince’s Trust to accelerate its digital transformation

 The Prince’s Trust has been providing life-changing, critical support for the most vulnerable and marginalised young people in the UK for decades. But the digital era has created new challenges for the Trust’s mission.

Attracting young people and making an impact in their lives requires the Trust to engage with them in a way that they feel comfortable. But the way young people want to engage is changing rapidly. At the same time, the challenges young people are facing are also evolving, with a growing number of young people feeling helpless about their future.

Deloitte has a long-term partnership with the Trust, based on a shared commitment to developing skills and opportunities for young people in the UK. As a result, the Deloitte team were passionate about helped the Trust to understand what the digital era means for its organisation. Deloitte supported the Trust in developing a new strategy with an evolved business model to enhance the vital impact it has in young people’s lives.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many organisations were paralysed by disruption. However, the Trust and Deloitte saw this as an opportunity to reimagine the Trust’s offer and organisational strategy.

Deloitte coordinated a range of corporate partners to help the Trust shift rapidly to digitalised services while ensuring the online safety of vulnerable young people. As a result, the Trust was able to continue vital work throughout the pandemic.

Rather than slow down, the combined team harnessed the momentum created by its pandemic response to reimagine the Trust’s strategy to improve social mobility for marginalised groups of 3.3 million young people.

To support the bold vision, the strategy modelled the Trust’s income under different COVID-19 recovery scenarios, illustrating how four funding opportunities could help grow funding by £11-24m per year.

The Deloitte team drew on experience from working across sectors, with start-ups and NGOs as well as volunteering with charities and championing social impact within the firm.

The programme will have an enduring impact on how Deloitte and the Trust combine rigorous quantitative analysis with empathy to develop an impactful strategy. Most importantly, the programme will help the Trust make an even greater impact on the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable young people.

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