Adam Kavanagh, PwC

Young Consultant of the Year

In 2017, Adam graduated from Ulster University with a BSc in Biomedical Engineering, joining an Irish company as a manufacturing engineer. His first year there focused on implementing new technology, and the importance of change management and stakeholder engagement. This grounding gave him an appetite for a broader experience, so in 2018 he made the switch to join PwC as graduate.

Adam’s process-driven engineering background and a wider interest in software and technology led him to focus on finance software implementation, and he immediately established himself as one of the strongest young technology consultants in PwC. He’s a driven, extremely hard-working individual, with the intellectual agility to instantly grasp new concepts and ideas.

Fast-forward three years, and Adam has just been promoted into the management team of his Digital Transformation business unit, making him the fastest-promoted associate in the firm. He displays all the qualities PwC looks for in a leading consultant, and has become the lynchpin of a rapidly growing practice area, proving himself both as a respected consultant and authentic colleague.

Adam has been recognised as one of the strongest mid-market finance system consultants in this space, and now regularly represents the firm at global level, discussing his experiences and views on best practice. He is already the most-experienced vendor product consultant in PwC’s UK firm.

Adam’s never happier than when seeing clients realise the transformative benefits of new technology and processes. He’s a true superstar in every sense, with a phenomenal career ahead of him.

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