Akram Halim, Arcadis

Apprentice of the Year

Four years ago, I couldn’t describe what a Management Consultant did. The corporate world was mysterious, and I found myself at a crossroad trying to figure out the direction of my career. I wanted to be successful and knew an apprenticeship was the route forward. I started my career whilst studying and my experiences taught me what my studies didn’t; the importance of building relationships, quick thinking, practical problem solving and being comfortable not knowing all the answers yet remaining curious, all the qualities that make successful Consultant.

I’m Arcadis’ first ever Apprentice Management Consultant, and I’ve set my own boundaries and demonstrated what an apprentice is capable of. In the 2 years, I’ve built strong relationships, demonstrated an eagerness to learn, whilst accumulating a catalogue of impactful projects.

I’ve been involved in client transformations and led internal initiatives where I have delivered real value. Some highlights include:
• Improving the client’s digital experience to make more strategic decisions through digitalising programme management tools.
• Supporting clients to improve their ways of workings to accommodate workforce needs and social changes resulting from the pandemic.
• Developing an apprenticeship programme, to drive academic and project success for future apprentices.

“Akram has boundless energy and enthusiasm, which still burns brightly. He has worked extremely hard to develop his consulting style, exposing himself to different environments to inform his approach. He is a great deal to the team, a credit to our business and a real joy to work with” Dominic White, Director

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