Ben Williams, NECS Consultancy

Young Consultant of the Year

Since joining NECS Consultancy as part of the NHS Graduate Management Training scheme in 2018, Ben has led a diverse range of successful consultancy and transformational change programmes and projects including:
-The delivery of large-scale transformational change programme to implement a new operating model for a security operations centre
-The development of reporting to enable a range of stakeholders to understand COVID-19 ‘hotspots’ across multiple levels of geography
-The delivery of a ‘live-exercise’ to test COVID-19 mass vaccination delivery models
-The design and implementation of an access model and access management processes for COVID-19 vaccination data
-The design, development, and management of a web-based workspace to host documents to support NHS bodies in their transition to become legal entities
-The development of a business case for a re-design of Heart Failure services in Greater Manchester

Ben has been able to quickly build strong relationships with clients through his strong focus on their needs and honest approach to conversations. His iterative, detailed-oriented approach to projects has earned him consistently positive feedback from clients and has positively impacts client ways of working and the experience of service users across the NHS.

Ben is also chair of NECS Consultancy’s Emerging Consultants Working Group, an internal network of staff with less than 5 years of experience in consultancy. His internal work has seen him lead initiatives to create and facilitate ongoing networking, learning, and development opportunities for those new to consulting, with the aim of empowering them and building strong foundations for their careers.

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