Helena Fawcett, BearingPoint

Young Consultant of the Year

Helena brings her scientific viewpoint from her background studying Animal Behaviour and uses Stephen Covey’s “Begin with the end in mind” to inform her day-to-day work, helping her to visualise the evolution of consulting and be the driving force of that change.

She believes that three main traits are required to deliver change both internally and for her clients:

– Responsiveness: Not satisfied with the status quo, Helena has worked to develop the inclusivity culture within BearingPoint.
– Robustness: If we are to survive, all decisions must start from an empirical basis. Helena has brought this to life through her client work, using tools to allow clients make informed decisions, as well as upskilling them in how to maintain these after she’s gone.
– Resilience: Being able to pivot and remain positive in the face of adversity is something Helena is well versed in. By using her time on furlough to help a local charity, Helena has shown she does not let challenges stop her moving forward.

Consultancy, like all aspects of life, is constantly evolving. Helena is using the tools she has learned and seeking new opportunities to lead this positive change, with a plan for the future of consulting.

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