Honor King, PwC

Apprentice of the Year

After 18 months at PwC, Honor is coming to the end of her first client-facing role, finalising her apprenticeship reflective statements, and continuing to grow as a consultant each day. Her current client project is the Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) – the largest global fund dedicated to girls’ education. This prestigious engagement has allowed Honor to work in a sector that means a lot to her, and gain significant experience she’s excited to take forward in future projects.

Honor’s feedback on every project is exemplary; she’s clearly driven and enjoys setting herself challenging learning opportunities – for example, taking on the role of PwC’s Government & Health Industries Net Zero Hub Learning Lead. And yet, she is also often called out for her great teamwork. She balanced her commitment on demanding projects such as GEC while achieving outstanding exam results. This includes 100% in two exams; 97% and 95% in two others.

Honor is passionate about Net Zero, and is actively involved in driving the firm’s efforts in this space. She’s studying for a degree in Environmental Studies, to learn more about sustainability, climate change and development, which will help her to move forward with an exciting and admirable career path.

She cares, too, about the overall apprentice experience at PwC. In seeking to make improvements to the exam experience, she provided honest and practical feedback on areas for improvement. Her support has had a material impact on all PwC’s higher apprentices going through their Junior Management Consultant exams.

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