Isobel Vernon-Avery, Arup

Young Consultant of the Year

The transformation to a digitally enabled, circular built environment is a challenging urgent undertaking; our fundamental business models, structures of governance, and forms of collaboration need to change. Isobel Vernon-Avery is a transformation strategy consultant within Arup’s Advanced Digital Engineering team. She has a deep conviction that working collaboratively to transition to a circular economy and create outcome-led digital transformation is in the interests of communities, stakeholders, and the environment.

Joining as a graduate in 2019, Isobel has initiated and led projects that align with her passion and exemplify Arup’s values. She brings energy and enthusiasm to her team members and clients and naturally builds bridges and alliances between disciplines. These attributes, alongside her project management expertise, led to her appointment as the Global Coordinator for Arup’s partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), focusing on delivering systemic, transformational change in the built environment.

Isobel works at a strategic level, using an approach that is firmly rooted in user experience. She integrates the disciplines of digital, circular economy and city planning. She consults with organisations like Grosvenor to apply digital and circular economy principles to stimulate innovation. As manager for the Digital workstream for the Towns Fund Delivery Partnership programme, she supported over 20 towns in accessing government funding to leverage digital technology and develop local capabilities.
Isobel is a passionate advocate for diversity and gender equality within her work and role with the Women In Science and Engineering Young Professionals Board.

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