Marnie Grant, PwC


As a manager in PwC’s Government & Health Industry team, Marnie is passionate about delivering tangible, sustainable benefits for people and communities through the firm’s transformation work. She has a flair for connecting with her clients, and working innovatively and effectively to solve problems before deploying the best solutions to deliver the desired outcomes.

Marnie is an incredible individual who inspires, develops and supports everyone around her. Her agility, humility and authenticity resonate with her clients, making her a great ambassador for her firm. She has a natural ability to work as one with client teams, building trusted relationships that translate into wide-reaching transformation. As a role model for many junior colleagues, she gladly supports their wellbeing and development alongside her client responsibilities.

Last year, leading a large Adult Social Care transformation, Marnie helped her client to navigate ambiguity and complexity, and deliver fantastic results. She applied creativity to develop a bespoke approach, harnessing existing assets in a new way to deliver rapid yet sustainable change.

Marnie’s commitment to improving outcomes across society shines through everything she does. In a world where complex problems can only be solved through people and organisations working differently and better together, Marnie’s consulting style and skills are redefining how we help public sector organisations transform. It’s this that sets Marnie apart, she’s setting the standard for a new approach to consulting; one that recognises the needs of a commercial firm whilst symbiotically resonating with clients. The future of consulting is with people like Marnie.

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