Edward Burrows, GHD Advisory


Technology Consultant of the Year

With a thirst for knowledge and passion for applying innovative technology methodologies, Edward is helping clients making informed decisions when navigating complex challenges through data solutions. By using data analytics, financial modelling, developing web applications and machine learning models, he has informed investment analysis and resulting in better strategic decisions for his clients.

Edward has a wealth of experience in data driven solutions in the Built and Natural Environment sectors that has allowed him to demonstrate how effective evidence-based policies can contribute to advancing organisations. Edward unlocks the power of data and statistics in complex decision making and has pioneered its application into business processes to meet objectives. He has excelled in this technological space in building strong client relationships and through winning and delivering new client accounts.

A core focus has been upskilling client organisations and developing the people within his own organisation. Edward is particularly proud to be involved in mentoring cohorts of Engineering and Computer Science University students, to broaden their minds and lead the way for future career paths. Edward’s aim is to inspire others to think about the ways we can utilise technology to help clients solve global issues. Inspiring the next generation through the potential impacts of technology has been a consultancy dream.

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