Tara Shrestha Carney, PwC


Thought Leader Consultant of the Year

Tara is an outstanding thought leader, consultant and economist, who is a role model for her colleagues at PwC. She combines clarity of thinking and technical rigour, alongside excellent communication skills and an inspiring passion for positive impact, in both the work she produces and how she empowers others. Tara champions diversity and inclusion, applying policy knowledge and personal experiences of cultural, social and economic issues to build and lead supportive teams. She sheds light on societal inequalities, and the actions policymakers and businesses can take to address them. In leading the PwC Women in Work Index report, Tara made an exceptional contribution to thought leadership in the field of gender equality at work, managing a large, multidisciplinary team to produce pioneering and compelling insights on the gendered impact of COVID-19, Net Zero transition, and the intersection of gender and racial inequalities in the workplace. She’s promoted the report on multiple internal and external platforms, including presenting with PwC’s Executive Board members – from whom the feedback was consistently exceptional. Her vision was to act directly on her own and PwC’s values and purpose, to produce market-leading analysis and provide organisations across the public and private sectors with a unique and in-depth understanding of the issues. Most importantly, she wanted to inspire them to create meaningful change.Tara is recognised globally throughout PwC and beyond as a thought leader in the economics of gender equality at work, and has helped to establish the firm as a leading voice in this field.

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