Will Browne, CF


Technology Consultant of the Year

Will Browne is an Associate Partner at CF, a health care and data science consultancy, dedicated to making data science accessible and useful for the NHS.

Prior to joining CF Will was a data scientist and product manager at two machine learning startups before joining BCG as a data scientist. He believes that successful data science solutions are built on four core principles, automation over manual effort, explainable power over predictive accuracy, collaboration over sophistication, and use existing data standards wherever possible.

Will has worked with software engineers, data scientists, data engineers, product designers and managers to develop innovative technology that is simple to use, easy to interpret and statistically robust. Developing these technology solutions for the NHS has required close collaboration between technical and non-technical teams. Together these cross functional teams have been able to tackle some of the most challenging and urgent problems in the NHS.

Over the last year Will has led the development of technology that automatically identifies inequalities in healthcare outcomes across England, accurately evaluate healthcare initiatives at the click of a button, quantify the impact of health investment for the UK economy and rolled out the first national workforce model for the NHS in twenty years.

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