Digital Transformation Consultant

Eviden – An Atos business


Just seven months ago, fresh out of completing my degree in International Business and French, I embarked on a consulting adventure, diving into the dynamic world of business transformation. Joining Eviden – An Atos business, marked the beginning of an exciting journey.

The digital landscape was where I thrived during my analyst role during my placement year. I found myself drawn to the power of digital to help propel business success and elevate user experiences. When I saw the opportunity to join Eviden – An Atos business, I knew it was the perfect fusion of my passion for digital innovation and strategic business initiatives.

Work life and Client Project

My inaugural project took me into the realm of a government high-speed railway construction organisation as a Business Change Manager where I’ve been immersed in reshaping the future of work. From integrating cutting-edge technologies to refining my skills in creative design, website creation, and financial analysis, each day brings new challenges and growth opportunities.

Each day, my mornings start with a collaborative stand-up session, setting objectives and strategies with my team. Whether its deciphering client needs or ensuring alignment among team members, the team and I are constantly navigating the dynamic landscape of consulting. As a Business Change Manager, I also fulfill the role of a Project Management Officer (PMO), tasked with overseeing project documentation and metrics. This dual responsibility necessitates a balance between strategic foresight and operational proficiency.

Beyond client work, I lead Communications and Events, advocating for inclusive socialisation and networking. As part of the EDI community, I’ve facilitated business-wide sessions and shared insights into technology consulting in a secondary school to aspiring students. It’s a dynamic journey of personal and professional growth here at Eviden – An Atos business.

Hybrid Working

The hybrid working style suits me extremely well, offering the perfect blend of flexibility and productivity. Whether it’s traveling to client sites, working from our London office, or embracing the comfort of my home workspace, each option brings its own advantages. Being able to switch and choose between environments keeps things fresh and stimulating, plus, the flexibility to choose where I work enhances my overall well-being and work-life balance.

Key Reflections

Indeed, the beauty of consulting lies in its diverse experiences. No two days are alike. While my role entails significant client interaction, it also offers of community engagement, mentorship, and outreach.  As I am in the early stages of my career, the key thing I believe I have learnt is consulting is actively shaping and enriching professional landscapes and broader communities.  As I reflect on my journey so far, I am humbled by the challenges and opportunities that define the consulting landscape and it is a profession that demands continuous learning and critical thinking.