Bev Dyke, Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Consulting On Her ChMC Journey

Bev Dyke, a Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Consulting, is a seasoned consultant with over a decade of experience, and a diverse background in business relationship management and strategy in a range of industries, including the public sector.

We asked Bev why achieving Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) accreditation was important to her, personally and professionally.

“I take great pride in integrity and ethics and building trusted relationships with clients. This accreditation has integrity and values right at its core. I wanted to be a part of that.”

“I appreciate how the ChMC accreditation and transparency go hand in hand, and I see it as an extension of what I do day in and day out with clients. Especially consulting in the context of today’s world where there are minimal barriers to utilising Generative AI technology; traceability and assurance have never been so important. Achieving Chartered status signals this commitment to those I work with.”

Bev also discovered that attaining Chartered status offered additional benefits, She said:

“I’ve honed my skills of continuous learning and constant reflection through becoming Chartered, too. I distinctly remember recognising through the accreditation process the necessity of theory and practice working together to really know one’s true value.”

“The achievement of becoming Chartered is something to take genuine pride in because it epitomises the perfect amalgamation of credentials. It has influenced my approach to client collaboration and knowledge sharing, facilitating access to a network of peers and mentors while nurturing knowledge exchange. ChMC’s unified framework further promotes trust and transparency, enabling effective collaboration across diverse organisations and sectors.”

“It serves as an important benchmark for professional excellence and continuous learning. For clients, the accreditation signifies a commitment to high standards and ethical behaviour, reducing risks and ensuring quality outcomes.”

She emphasises the importance of recognising the time and effort required for the accreditation process, saying: “I suppose some advice, solid advice, would be – don’t go out alone. Remember to ask people for help.”

Bev’s journey towards achieving the ChMC accreditation exemplifies the dedication and commitment of consultants to professional excellence.

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