Georgina Letts, Senior Manager at PwC UK On How ChMC has helped put her career into perspective

Georgina Letts’ colleagues at PwC describe her as an exemplary leader within their Public Sector and Transport Enterprise Transformation Team.

She has led core delivery teams on some of PwC’s largest accounts, delivering complex operating model and change transformation programmes.

Gaining her Chartership in 2021 has allowed her to put her career into perspective, not just on what she has achieved in the past but giving her direction for the future. George said:

“Gaining chartership was an excellent reflective process, which helped me to think about all of the experiences that I’ve had and how I’ve learnt from them. I’m extremely proud of my chartership – it’s something that we’ve not had before in this industry, but it sets a recognition of the competency in our profession – you have to be a certain standard to be able to obtain your chartership.”

“It also enabled me to look at some parts of the framework and say to myself, you know what, I’ve not had the opportunity to do as much of that: this is an area for me to focus on to help me become a better consultant in the future.”

George thinks the ethics and behaviours part of the competency framework is key to the Chartership and her job.

She said: “I work in the public sector, particularly across transport, and the work that we do with our clients is ultimately for everyday people, for my own friends and family.

“I think sometimes it can be easy to forget about the end outcome of what it is that we’re trying to achieve in the work that we’re doing.Being able to maintain the ethics and behaviours to keep the end result and the bigger picture in mind, makes sure we, as consultants, are doing the right thing and ultimately, we’re trying to make the world a better place for everybody.”

George’s journey to ChMC may have come to a successful conclusion but her learning journey continues. She has also taken a lead on supporting her colleagues to achieve professional certifications, recognising the importance of this. She said:

“Professional development is something which can be brushed over, and sometimes during complex projects when everyone is super busy, it’s the first thing that gets dropped because people don’t prioritise the time to upskill themselves. But personal development, staying relevant in the market, understanding your own strengths and weaknesses will only make you a better consultant; the Chartership is a fantastic option to enable you to do this.”

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